Neurosurgical Basics

November 25

Pavia, Italy


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Taking place from 0800-1315h.

Course flyer (English) / Course flyer (Italian)

Course objectives: To increase the microsurgical skills of residents and teach them the basics of using a high-speed drill. Practical exercises will be held on non-biological and biological non-living plant and animal materials. The ultimate goal is to introduce practical and reproducible exercise methods of the basic techniques in Neurosurgery to residents.

Topics covered:
- basic techniques in the use of the high-speed drill. Operation, orientation and ergonomics of the high-speed drill movement. Drilling on biological material
- basic techniques in the use of the microscope. Magnification, focus, orientation and ergonomics of surgical movement. Mobilization of objects in different orientations. Microsurgical sutures in open and restricted surgiclfield, principles of microsurgical dissection.

Secretariat: Bquadro Congressi srl, via San Giovanni in Borgo 4, 27100 Pavia
tel: +39 0382 302859fax

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