EANS Research Committee




The current Chair of the Research Committee is Radoslaw Rola (Poland).


Lorenzo Bello (Italy)
Jan Willem Berkelbach van der Sprenkel (Netherlands)
Jeroen Boogaarts (Netherlands)
Nicolas Foroglou (Greece)
Turker Kilic (Turkey)
Angelos Kolias (UK)
Miikka Korja (Finland)
Katrin Rabiei (Sweden)
Florian Ringel (Germany)
Guy Rosenthal (Israel)
Eric Schmidt (France)


An EANS Research Course will be held in Oxford, UK on 22 March 2018 – followed by the 8th Annual EANS Young Neurosurgeons' Meeting 23-24 March. Register your interest HERE.


EANS / SBNS Registry

Inspired by the UK's listing of sponsored neurosurgical clinical trials, the EANS and SBNS have developed a clinical trials registry. The objective is to document trial activity and particularly assist in recruitment both nationally and internationally.

To this end, the EANS would be grateful if you would contact Carole Turner in the event that you are aware of any multi-centre trials.

European Clinical Trials Registry

SBNS site



Report on the activities of the Research Committee 2015

1. The Committee evaluated 31 applications (20 for the clinical and 11 for the laboratory prize).

2. The EANS Research Course was developed together with the Young Neurosurgeons Committee in San Sebastian and integrated in their annual meeting.

During the last five years, we have dealt with different situations,

1. The European Research Course, although it had a great quality level, had evolved into a very practical workshop, and had very good feedback from the attendees, had difficulties to recruit students. Different formulas were tried, including having the course as a standalone, linking it to the Training Course, or linking it to the Young Neurosurgeons Committee meeting. Although I think the second formula would be the best, integrating the course in the training course syllabus, the third was the one in which we most succeeded. Also, the syllabus of the course could be published.

2. Creating a registry of European research, dedicated to clinical trials in neurosurgery. This initiative was finally taken by Professor Hutchinson and endorsed by the Committee.

3. The Aesculap prize. It has been regularly awarded by the Research Committee, with two prizes yearly. Due to the burden of reviewing all the entries (usually more than 30), it was decided to review them by groups of pairs and cross check for the two finalists in each prize. I feel it should be intended to award unpublished work, and the manuscript be published in Acta Neurochirurgica, since the prize is given to work published elsewhere

4. We tried to increase the awareness among neurosurgeons to apply for European research grants, but we realized the initiative is very individual for each researcher. We also started to make lobby through the European Brain Council to increase the number of topics related to neurosurgery in the European calls.

Juan A. Barcia, Chairman of the Research Committee 2011 - 2105