Young Neurosurgeons Committee



Young Neurosurgeons Committee 

This Committee represents the interests of European trainees and newly board-certified neurosurgeons. Its current Chair is Nicolas Sampron (Spain / France). 


Hans Delye (Netherlands)
Andreas Demetriades (UK)
Dominique Kuhlen (Switzerland)
Wouter Moojen (Netherlands)
Ricky Rasschaert (Belgium)
Nico Sampron (France)
Gerrit Schubert (Germany)
Martin Stienen (Switzerland)
Dariusz Szarek (Poland)
Nikolay Velinov (Bulgaria)

8th Annual EANS Young Neurosurgeons' Annual Meeting 2018

will take place in Oxford, UK from 22-24 March 2018, featuring an EANS Research Course on 22 March. The topic of the meeting is Neuro-oncology.



Report on the activities of the Young Neurosurgeons Committee
End of Term 2011-2015 and 2014-2015 Annual Report

Please click here for the rull report.


2013 Annual Report:

Andreas Demetriades presented a comprehensive report on the activities of the YN committee during the past year.  Their primary achievement had been the YN Meeting, focused on neuro-oncology and held in London at the Royal College of Surgeons. This meeting ad been extremely successful, both in terms of participant numbers and overall financial outcome.  A second London YN meeting, this time on the topic of Vascular Neurosurgery, is planned for Spring 2014; the YN committee is currently working with both the VascularSection and the PGEC to put together the programme.  

The YN Committee will organise a session at the European Congress in Prague 2014, whilst other plans include webinar education and network development.

Original 2013 Report can be found here.