EANS CME Young Neurosurgeons' Meeting



The 2018 Young Neurosurgeons' Meeting will take place in Oxford, UK, on 23 and 24th March, 2018, and will be run in conjunction with the EANS Research Course, taking place in the same location on 22nd March.

The meeting will include round tables, presentations and current updates encouraging debate and discussion. We support the opportunity to bring your own cases to what we hope will be a truly interactive meeting.

The event is aimed at neurosurgeons who have qualified relatively recently, and may be of particular interest to those who have completed the EANS Training Courses.


Visit the meeting website, at www.europeanyoungneurosurgeons.org


Need help? Please contact Liz Derow if you need further assistance.




Testimonials from previous meetings:

"Thank you for organising such an in-depth but intimate event. The talks were very impressive" / "Liked breakout sessions, ethics, group discussions" / "Great meeting, great faculty!" / "A very welcoming group" – 2017 Amsterdam Participants 

I thought the conference was fantastic - the venue, organisation, planning of topics and quality of speakers was all excellent. Well done. I do hope I can attend further EANS courses in the future - Mike Hart, 2013

Thank you very much for this great, informative and stimulating meeting! Stavros Polyzoidis, PhD, 2013

Thanks very much, the course was extremely enjoyable and I met a few old friends which was really icing on the cake. It is always good to come from Saudi Arabia and attend a course or two especially at the RCSE. I shall be visiting again in Aug/Sept this year for 5 wks. hope to attend a couple of courses - Tariq Saeed, Consultant Neurosurgeon, 2013