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There are 165 million Europeans with brain disorders, causing a global cost (direct and indirect) exceeding €800 billion for National Health budgets.

As the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, our focus is on neurosurgical conditions which include brain injuries, brain tumours, stroke, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and disorders of the spine. While advances have been made in the treatment of these conditions there remain many unanswered questions and major opportunities to improve treatment and outcome for patients. 

Our mission is to achieve this through comprehensive research strategies including both basic science laboratory research and clinical studies including trials.

Access to research funding from large grant funding bodies, for example, the European Union and national government agencies and charities is highly competitive and usually requires initial pilot research data. We have therefore created a research fund to pump prime projects to enable the acquisition of the pilot data necessary to apply for more substantial funding. We propose to achieve this through the award of €10,000 seed grants for neurosurgical research projects.



Please click HERE to view and/or download the complete key facts sheet, an abridged list is reproduced below:


What is it?

A fund to provide much needed funding for neurosurgical research in Europe.

The fund was ratified by the EANS Board in December 2016 and launched in 2017.

What do we want to do?

Phase 1: Up to 6 x €10k seed grants for neurosurgical research projects, distributed equitably among the subspecialties – addressing brain injury, vascular neurosurgery, oncology, spine surgery and functional neurosurgery

Phase 2: Funding for one or more year-long research fellowships

Why do we want to do it?

- young researchers need to be nurtured

- resources for seed funding are relatively few

- these grants will enable acquisition of the pilot data necessary to apply for more substantial funding

- not restricted to one country: encourages European cooperation and collaboration

What is the timeline?

Phase 1

1.1.2017: fundraising opened

1.6.17: open applications for grants

30.11.17: deadline for grant applications; followed by evaluations

1.2.18: award the first EANS Research Fund grants

Phase 2

1.1.2018: open fundraising



Please click HERE (PDF) and HERE (Word) to download the application form. Full instructions are given on the form. The applications will be evaluated by a committee comprising Professor Peter Hutchinson and members of both the EANS Research Committee and the EANS Board.

All applicants should be individual members of the EANS. Find out more about EANS membership HERE.



EANS Secretary Professor Peter Hutchinson will be closely involved with every aspect of the EANS Research Fund.

As an initial point of contact, please get in touch with Liz Derow in the EANS Executive Office, email: liz.derow@eans.org / tel: +44 794 636 1273.