The European Neurosurgical Training Courses

The EANS is involved in all aspects of neurosurgical training both at pre-board certification level and at special interest training level.

At general training level the EANS' main activity is the European Neurosurgical Training Course.

The Post Graduate Education Committe is responsible for the organisation of ongoing neurosurgical training on behalf of the EANS.

The inaugural EANS courses in Spine Surgery, held in Opatija, Croatia in 2007 and 2008 were extremely successful and so the EANS CME Spine course has become an annual event.

The Young Neurosurgeons Meeting, an event designed specifically for young neurosurgeons who have recently completed the European Training Courses was established in 2011. A course in Radiosurgery and further educational events and are also planned.

Through its membership of UEMS the EANS has important links to other specialties such as radiology.


European Neurosurgical Training Course

The EANS Training Committee, whose current Chair is Professor Karl Schaller, Events Co-ordinator and Executive Director are responsible for arranging the European Neurosurgical Training Courses.

These consist of four annual courses of five days each, covering the key topics of Vascular Neurosurgery, Tumour, Head Injury/Functional and Spine/Peripheral Nerves. The course cycle thus takes four years to complete.

Founded in the 1970s by Professors Brihaye, Pia and Vigoroux, the courses aim to serve the needs of neurosurgical trainees in the latter half of their training in neurosurgery.

The excellence of the courses and their scientific and social value is acknowledged throughout the neurosurgical community, and the current committee would like to acknowledge the tremendous part played by the founders, past chairmen of the Training Committee and previous Executive Administrator, Stephanie Garfield-Birkbeck, in bringing this about.


Admission to the Courses

New candidates should be in their third or fourth year of specialist training. There are at present two course cycles, each of which can accommodate 230 participants; a third course cycle is to be introduced in May 2017 with 180 new places. Once accepted for one course cycle, it is not possible to switch to the other.

Applicants who are successful are automatically admitted for the full four years and must attend four consecutive courses within their cycle. Any exceptions to this are at the discretion of the chairman of the Training Committee and Executive Director of the EANS. There are strict arrangements for maternity and paternity leave. Applicants must have a high-level of English, both written and spoken, and all trainees must attend the course unaccompanied.

Download: Flyer promoting the EANS TC

Places on the courses have been allocated once a year. 

Applications for 2017 are open now.

Download: Application form 2017

Applicants from the United Kingdom are required to fill in an additional form available here.

Your completed application form should be returned to your national delegate to the EANS Training Committee and NOT to the EANS Secretariat.

Download details of national delegates to the EANS Training Committee here.


The European Exam is compulsory for all fourth-year trainees, unless they have already passed it and is taken at the training course site the day before the start of the fourth training course. Further details can be obtained from the EANS Secretariat .


Topics and Venues for the European Neurosurgical Training Courses


Cycle 1 Cycle 2
Date Topic Venue Date Topic Venue
30 Aug - 3 Sept 2015 Head Injury/Functional Lisbon, Portugal
25 - 29 January 2015
Uppsala, Sweden
2 - 5 October 2016 Spine/Peripheral Nerve Berlin, Germany 7 - 10 February 2016 Tumour
Sofia, Bulgaria
TBC 2017 Vascular
TBC 22 - 25 January 2017 Head Injury/Functional Vilnius, Lithuania



Neurosurgical Events & Courses

A full list of other neurosurgical events and courses, including EANS events can be found on our Events page.