Presidential Welcome Address

Dear friends and colleagues,
I am proud to hold the mandate to serve as President of the EANS for the two years ahead of us.
Be assured that I am taking this task seriously, and that I am committed to serve the interests of our entire community – be they purely clinical or academic neurosurgeons, old or young, and of whatever background and origin. That same commitment applies to all members of our Board, who are dedicated to continuing to build on our legacy and to bring the EANS further ahead. Read more

Our Mission
Our aim is to enable our members to enhance the care they deliver to their patients by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest level.

EANS Membership

Individual Membership of the EANS offers a great chance to become a more active part of the European neurosurgical family. It is open to neurosurgeons, medical students, and those in related specialties worldwide.
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26/03/2020 » 28/03/2020
EANS 10th Annual Young Neurosurgeons' Meeting & Research Course, 2020, Zurich, Switzerland

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22/06/2020 » 26/06/2020

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