EANS Secretary’s Message June 2020

Dear Friends
While other parts of the world are still struggling with increasing numbers of patients affected by Covid-19 as the virus continues to spread over the globe, most countries in Europe are carefully starting on the path of recovery. As with the beginning of the lockdown regulations, each country is doing so at its own pace. During the past months scientists and politicians have had to compromise between scientific facts, best guesses, economic issues and humane values. Read more

Presidential Update May 2020

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
This year is a year like no other. Instead of meeting each other, we are confined in so many different countries and cities and we are obliged to communicate through various digital channels.Despite being affected by this situation in different ways, we keep the good spirit. Life goes on. There will be a post-Corona life. And, we are continuing to work as an organisation of European neurosurgeons. Read more

EANS President's Message on Corona Virus

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Sometimes events are overtaking themselves
Corona-cases are popping up everywhere around us and all around the globe. Global connectivity makes all this looking very dense and increasingly tense. Some of our colleagues have been infected, some may have passed away, and others are under treatment. Read more

Our Mission
Our aim is to enable our members to enhance the care they deliver to their patients by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest level.

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