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3rd International Hands-on Cadaver Workshop: Microsurgical Approaches to the Skull Base

December 9, 2017 — December 10, 2017

Muenster, Germany


Taking place at Prosektur der Anatomie, Vesaliusweg 2-4, 48149 Münster, Germany.


For: Practicing neurosurgeons, fellows and residents in training who are interested in the most recent developments in vascular neurosurgery

Speakers:  Prof. A. Krisht, MD, FACS; ANI Little Rock (USA)

Workshop Description: To improve the training in the field of neurovascular surgery, particularly in operative management of aneurysms, we try to simulate a real surgery with our Taiba Aneurysm Model. Endoscopic assisted endovascular creation of cerebral aneurysms in different location in cadaveric heads preserve the anatomy of the brain and therefore the skills such as opening the sylvian fissure, evacuating subarachnoid blood, opening the lamina terminalis, application of the clip and avoidance of injury to surrounding neural and vascular structure can be simulated with this model. Inviting worldwide leaders in the field of vascular neurosurgery we aim to provide a hands-on cadaver workshop focusing on step-by-step demonstration and dissection.

Organiser: Clemenshospital Münster, Department of Neurosurgery: Prof. Uta Schick, MD, PhD / Khairi Daabak, MD

Contact: Gabriele Kuehling / tel: +49-251 976-2401

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