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imagINe surgery

April 28, 2017 — April 29, 2017

Berlin, Germany


There is no charge for this event – it is non-sponsored and non-profit.

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Present-day surgical settings are changing in that they increasingly involve a profound visualand technical expertise in preparing and performing surgical interventions. In various fields, from endoscopic procedures to interventional angiography, navigated tumor resection and image-guided ablation or radiation, operating room environments incorporate a large variety of mobile and fixeddevices and systems, thereby anticipating a future of surgery that will be largely shaped by computer-assisted technology.

Centering this particular emerging trend in both research and practice, the workshop will bring together surgeons and technical staff, international research labs affiliated to hospitals, independent designers and engineers, and industry representatives, to discuss on-site strategies and pitfalls of practice-based technology development and implementation.


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