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Get to Know ... Preci Hamilton

Wednesday 14 June 2017  
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Get to know ... Preci Hamilton


Preci Hamilton joined the inaugural Third Cycle of the Training Course in Prague last month. Originally from Jamaica, where he did his residency, he is currently a neurosurgery registrar in Birmingham, UK. We are very grateful to Preci for taking the time to participate in this feature.


~Where did you grow up?

Bath & Port Morant, St. Thomas, Jamaica



~The wisest thing anybody ever told you?

Teach a man how to catch fish for in so doing he can feed himself and his family for a lifetime but if you only give him a fish you will have to feed him for his everyday.



~What book is on your bedside table (or Kindle) at the moment?

The Bible



~List your favorites:

Quote: Love not sleep lest thou come to poverty open thine eyes and thou shalt be satisfied with bread. ….. Proverbs 20: verse 13

Food: Steamed fish with water crackers and Okra

Music genre: Reggae

Song: One Love by Bob Marley

Board game: Checkers

Sport: Soccer (captain of teams in High school and University)



~Who is your neurosurgical inspiration?

Growing up you heard the contribution of Ben Carson so this needs no explanation.



~What path has your training taken so far?

BSc. (Hons) – Mathematics & Economics - University of the West Indies (UWI) Jamaica


Neurosurgical Trainee – UWI/ University Hospital of the West Indies Jamaica (UHWI)

Neurosurgery Registrar – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB)



~How did you choose neurosurgery – or did Neurosurgery choose you?

As a child, I remember Jamaica having only two Neurosurgeons so I decided that this was my avenue to meaningfully help my people in an area of great demand. I was invited to Neurosurgery having made my interest and commitment crystal clear. Having been afforded this opportunity I sought a rather unorthodox way to ensure that I equip myself with the armamentarium necessary to deliver the best care to my Jamaican people. Hence my journey out of my comfort zone to the UK for higher Neurosurgical training experience.  I am compelled to be the best Neurosurgeon because I believe that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.


~Best / worst day in your neurosurgical career?

The worst day would have been the day I started because each day it gets better. It follows therefore, that the best is yet to come.


~Any advice for medical students hoping to go into neurosurgery?

Before you embark on any discipline be sure that you do so because you love it, otherwise when the road gets rocky you may end up reconsidering.

….. As my Mother would say, “you must love what you do in order to do it well”



~Please tell us a little about how you heard about / came to be on the Training Course in Prague and your experience there

I am a Neurosurgical trainee in Jamaica and I assessed the ability of a number of Surgeons that I have been exposed to concluded that I should seek European/UK training. As such I sought how I could get this training and holistic development. I qualified myself and was elected MRCSEd and this afforded me GMC registration. 


Having discussed this career move with my family I journeyed into the unknown to test the waters in search of career development with the reward being a better life upon return home. I made it clear on arrival that I am seeking Neurosurgical development and this was when Mr. Patrick Knight introduced me to the EANS and its training course.  You know the rest… No place, waiting list, then finally 1 spot became available and I did what my high school motto says, “Carpe Diem”.


Prague was an invaluable experience. A perfect blend of culture with a common goal of maximizing Neurosurgical Knowledge from a well orchestrated faculty and trainee peers alike. Hectic course, I must admit but the social events were perfect to ease the mind at the end of the day.  


Topic selection and format of delivery were carefully planned and well executed. (I hope our voting reflected this).


Thank you for the opportunity…….