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Launching the EANS Diversity in Neurosurgery Task Force!

Wednesday 8 July 2020  
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The Diversity in Neurosurgery Task Force aims to address the prevailing glass ceiling in European Neurosurgery and foster an inclusive environment in which neurosurgeons from all genders, religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds can thrive. Our goal is to identify the barriers holding individuals back in their career advancement and tackle them systematically.

The Diversity Task Force has its doors open to all individuals who wish to join and contribute to the progress of our challenging profession in an equitable way.


To empower the future we highlight our role models, past & present, with a repository of Diverse Leaders in European Neurosurgery.


First up: Alice Rosenstein - read about her here.


Stay tuned as new bio will be up every 2 weeks!

All are welcome in our team! Join us!


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