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eANS2020 Congress goes beyond borders...virtual! 

Wednesday 8 July 2020  
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Dear colleagues and friends.

This year is a very special one for all of us. The outbreak of the Coronavirus at the end of the last year and the following crisis has been very disruptive and changed all of our professional and private lives. In the past weeks and months, various congresses and meetings have been cancelled, postponed or needed to be taken virtually. The EANS has evaluated the situation closely and was very confident to be able to have the 20th Congress of Neurosurgical Societies in the city of Belgrade. However, during the last few days, there were reports of many cases growing again, not only in Serbia but globally, reminding us that the virus is still there. Considering the health and safety of all of our participants the EANS Board, together with the local President Lukas Rasulic who has put a lot of effort into the congress, has decided that the EANS2020 Congress will be held virtually.

Believe me, it was not an easy decision to make, but we are confident it was the right one. We do not see the outbreak of this virus as a burden alone but also as a chance. A chance to develop our congress, getting it ready for the future already now, implementing new features and tools, and be connected to a wider audience than ever before. We will come out of this crisis stronger than before and more connected than ever.

As I write this letter our office team together with our PCO – AIM – are already working on a solution that will fit the demands the EANS has. Give them some time to put all pieces together and once done, this website will give you all further information, allowing active participation. Authors will see their abstracts published and Belgrade will welcome our Congress in a future year..

We want and will keep the scientific exchange at the highest possible level that you all have appreciated in the past and will appreciate in the future. And there will be a future without a global pandemic, without lock-downs, and with a great EANS2021 Congress in the beautiful city of Hamburg.



Karl Schaller

EANS President