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EANS Secretary Johannes van Loon invites you to join EANS

Monday 3 August 2020  
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Come and be part of a dynamic organisation through which you can network, cement existing friendships and seek the advice of your peers.

The EANS was first founded in 1971 in Prague by delegates from 18 national societies present at the Fourth European Congress of Neurosurgery. Currently, the EANS is a global network compromising 40 National Member Societies from the European regions, as well as over 1800 Individual Members around the globe.

In pursuit of its educational goals, EANS arranges a wide range of meetings, symposia and educational courses, including the European Congress of Neurosurgery and the highly regarded European Training Courses in Neurosurgery. The EANS initially held its congresses every four years; congresses have been held annually since 2016.

To become a member click here.