Christian F. Freyschlag-Bio

Christian F. Freyschlag - Bio

Christian F. Freyschlag

Young Neurosurgeons Committee Chair

With the start of my residency in Germany and the later move to Austria, I got involved in the national neurosurgical societies. Additionally I spent several months travelling to European centers in Europe, where I developed passion for European neurosurgery. I am currently serving as vice-chair of the department of neurosurgery in Innsbruck, where my main clinical and scientific interests are neurooncology and skull base surgery.

Recently, I have been actively involved in the organization of several large meetings, in the latest, I had the pleasure of being secretary to the Austrian Society of Surgery. I learned that all surgical disciplines suffer similar problems in surgical training and the transition from residents to faculty needs special attendance. The EANS Young Neurosurgeons are meant to facilitate this transition - from EANS trainee to the EANS Advanced and Subspeciality levels. Luckily, I had the opportunity to be involved in the local organization of the first EANS YNS meetings, which took place in Innsbruck. Since then, the YNS annual meeting made astonishing improvement concerning quality of contents and relevance for everyday neurosurgical practice.

I am humbled to serve as chair of the Young Neurosurgeons Committee and be given the opportunity to enhance visibility and shape the scope of the Young Neurosurgeons within the EANS family. We need to take a step forward, gain more attention and serve as platform for networking, personal exchange and knowledge transfer. The outstanding track record - that started with the first meeting in Innsbruck - needs to carry on.

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