Ciaran Bolger-Bio

Ciaran Bolger - Bio

Ciaran Bolger

Ethico-legal Committee Chair

I am currently the Professor and head of department of clinical neuroscience at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I am a consultant Neurosurgeon at the National Neurosurgery department. I have been a consultant since 1995, first appointed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia and later to Frenchay Hospital Bristol UK, before returning to Dublin in 2000. 

Increased scrutiny of surgical activity by various groups, the progression of legal interest in our activities and the growing incidence of litigation against our members make it essential that we have an active committee covering this area. While I believe we have always acted ethically as a group it is becomming increasingly necessary for us to be able to demonstrate an ethical process which is progressive and above all transparent. As a society it is incumbent on us to be able to provide, ethical and legal guidance to our members

I have a long association with the EANS since 1996. I have taught on educational and training courses from the early days, have presented at many EANS meetings and for the last 8 years I have been honoured to be my society’s representative to the EANS.

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