EANS-funded Observerships

EANS-funded observerships


EANS-funded Observerships

As a not for profit organisation, our goal is to be able to plough back the revenue we earn from events and subscriptions into initiatives which will benefit our members.  We are therefore delighted to be offering the EANS funded observerships, first introduced in 2014. 

These will be awarded to the highest scoring candidates who demonstrate to the selection panel both their need for exposure outside of their training unit and the potential gain at this point of their careers.

No preference will be given to the host or applicant’s geographical location or subspecialty. Host units have not been pre-selected; it is entirely the candidate’s decision which unit they approach. Applications must be jointly agreed with the host unit, and the candidate must submit an invitation letter from the host unit. 

The financial stipend for the observer is €3000. A final portion of the sum will be delivered upon completion of the post-Observership conditions (see below).


Applications for 2019 EANS-funded Observerships is now closed.

We are proud to announce the 2019 edition of the EANS-funded Observerships.
Also this year, there will be 6 observerships in a European neurosurgical unit open to all EANS Individual Members.

In order to apply, please return the application form along with the below documents to martina.degregorio@eans.org by the 25th of October 2019.

Criteria of eligibility:

1. EANS Individual membership;
2. Trainees or Young Neurosurgeons within 5 years after completion of residency;
3. At least some knowledge of the language of the country to be visited.

Download HERE the application form.
• Short CV (max. 2 pages A4)
• Personal statement stating why and how the Observership would be of benefit to the applicant at this career-point.
• Recommendation letter from Chairman/Residency director of home institution, specifying why the proposed Observership will be of benefit to the applicant.
• Invitation letter from selected department confirming they are happy to host you as observer for one month. Please note that the Host unit must be from one of the EANS members countries. Click here to view the full list.

DEADLINE: 25 October 2019.


The 2019 EANS-funded observerships winner have been announced!

Congratulations to:

Chaurasia Bipin, Nepal
Borodin Serghei, Moldova
Sejkorová Alena, Czech Republic
Raj Rahul, Finland
Manfiotto Marie, France
Darie Lucia, Germany/Romania
Mumliev Arthur, Ukraine
Oreskovic Darko, Croatia

The 2018 EANS-funded observerships winner have been announced!

Congratulations to:

Sahin Hanalioglu, Turkey
Jagos Golubovic, Serbia
Martin Majovsky, Czech Republic
Dimitrios Isaakidis, Greece
Sajjad Muhammad, Germany
Andrey Bykanov, Russia

The 2017 EANS-funded observerships winners have been announced!

Our congratulations go to:

Alkinoos Athanasiou, Greece
Adrian Bodiu, Moldova
Teemu Luoto, Finland
Abraham Tsitlakidis, Greece
Gheorghe Ungureanu, Romania



Post-Observership Conditions:

  1.  Written feedback report from Awardees evaluating the experience, within a month of completion of the  Observership
  2. Written feedback report from the Host unit evaluating the Observer’s engagement and performance, within a  month of the end of the Observership
  3. Successful applicants are strongly encouraged to physically present a short report after their observership at the EANS Young Neurosurgeons Meeting


Evaluation Criteria 

Applications will be evaluated on academic merit and training to date / credentials and personal recommendations / reviewers' perception of the extent to which the candidate would benefit from the observership / competence in the language of the selected host clinic / rationale for application and personal statement

For any questions please contact martina.degregorio@eans.org