EANS Auspices


Criteria for the granting of EANS Auspices for third party educational events & surveys

  • The scientific program should be submitted for review and must be approved by the EANS Board Member for Scientific Matters.
  • At least 25% of the faculty be EANS members
  • Hands-on courses will be considered according to the number of participants per station
  • The official Language should be English
  • Discount of at least 10% on the standard registration fee should be offered to EANS Individual Members
  • The organizers should agree to display / distribute EANS promotional materials
  • One-page report should be submitted after the event to the EANS President and the EANS Board Member fo Scientific Matter (possibly specifying also how many EANS member attended the event). The report might be included in the EANS newsletter.
  • It is highly recommended that the national neurosurgical society auspices have been obtained before requesting the EANS endorsement.
  • Survey: to distribute neurosurgery related surveys to EANS members, the surveys should be reviewed and approved by the EANS Board Member for Scientific Matters. The survey should include a question about EANS membership (yes/no).

To seek EANS Auspices for your event, or further information, please contact martina.degregorio@eans.org.