EANS Young Neurosurgeons meeting research course

The YN Community and Ethos

The EANS Young Neurosurgeons' Meeting was conceived as a bridge for those years in between the European Training Courses in Neurosurgery and consultancy. Strictly speaking 'young neurosurgeons' are defined as those in the 10 years after board certification.

It is an educational meeting with a strong faculty : participant ratio, which provides unique networking opportunities. The EANS believes that creating a community of young neurosurgeons, for young neurosurgeons, is of crucial importance – and not just to the wider neurosurgical community, but also to the future leadership of the EANS itself.

YN Meetings provide a unique chance to interact with the faculty as equals, to ask probing questions, and to participate in lively debate about neurosurgical controversies. They are also the ideal place to bring your own cases for second opinions, reviews, help, and honest discussion.

And of course the YN Meetings provide an ideal opportunity for EANS Training Course alumni to meet up once they have graduated from the Courses – both with their fellow trainees and many faculty they have got to know over their four years in the Training Courses.


Watch Wouter Moojen and Hanne-Rinck Jeltema talk about the importance of the YN and describe the meetings.

YN Committee


Our Committee represents the interests of European trainees and newly board-certified neurosurgeons. We are committed to furthering the sense of community for Young Neurosurgeons, providing a platform for making new connections, finding mentors, and providing excellent educational material. Our current Chair is Christian F. Freyschlag.

  • Jiri Bartek (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Marcus Czabanka (Berlin, Germany)
  • Marisa Gandia (Madrid, Spain)
  • Sandro Krieg (Munich, Germany)
  • Wouter Moojen (The Hague / Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Viola Olesen (Kopenhagen, Denmark)
  • Mirjam Renovanz (Tübingen, Germany)
  • Nicolas Sampron (San Sebastian, Spain)
  • Adib Sasan (Tübingen, Germany)
  • Gerrit Schubert (Aachen, Germany)
  • Michael Schwake (Münster, Germany)
  • Martin Stienen (Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Non-voting Members:

  • Amro Al-Habib (KSA)
  • Angelos Kolias (UK)

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    Scientific Programme and Faculty


  • Maria Luisa Gandia
  • Wouter Moojen
  • Jiri Bartek
  • Marcus Czebanka
  • Nicolás Samprón
  • Preliminary Faculty Members:

  • Ackermans Linda (NL)
  • Andratschke Nicolaus (CH)
  • Anetsberger Stephanie (USA)
  • Bartek Jiri (SE)
  • Bozinov Oliver (CH)
  • Broekman Marike (NL)
  • Bühler Katja (AT)
  • Cardinale Francesco (IT)
  • Czabanka Marcus A. (DE)
  • Demetriades Andreas (UK)
  • Ferroli Paolo (IT)
  • Fountas Kostas (GR)
  • Freyschlag Christian (AT)
  • Gandia Maria Luisa (ES)
  • Grunwald Thomas (CH)
  • Guzman Raphael (CH)
  • Hottinger Andreas (CH)
  • Jakola Asgeir (SE)
  • Keller Emanuela (CH)

  • Kolias Angelos (UK)
  • Korja Miikka (FI)
  • Krayenbühl Niklaus (CH)
  • Krieg Sandro (DE)
  • Kubben Pieter (NL)
  • Marsh Henry (UK) - Special Guest
  • Meyer Bernhard (DE)
  • Miller Kai J. (USA)
  • Moojen Wouter (NL)
  • Olesen Viola (DK)
  • Regli Luca (CH)
  • Renovanz Mirjam (DE)
  • Ringel Florian (DE)
  • Roth Patrick (CH)*
  • Sampron Nicolas (ES)
  • Schmitt Friedhelm Carl (DE)
  • Schucht Philippe (CH)
  • Schwake Michael (DE)
  • Seeck Margitta (CH)
  • Staartjes Victor E. (CH)
  • Stienen Martin N. CH
  • van der Gaag Niels A. (NL)
  • Van Roost Dirk (BE)
  • Veeravagu Anand (USA)
  • Visser-Vandewalle Veerle (DE)
  • von Lehe Marec (DE)
  • Watts Colin (UK)
  • Weyerbrock Astrid (CH)

  • RC Preliminary Faculty Members:

  • Aki Laakso
  • Katrin Rabiei
  • Florian Ringel
  • Miikka Korja
  • Angelos Kolias
  • Türker Kilic
  • Gleb Danilov
  • Lorenzo Bello
  • Radoslaw Rola
  • Athanasios Chatzisotiriou
  • Jan Berkelbach
  • Guy Rosenthal
  • Peter Hutchinson
  • Luca Regli*

    Programme and CME

    You can download here the YN Preliminary programme.

    An application for EACCME accreditation will be submitted in due course.

    You can download here the Research Course preliminary programme.




    Functional Neurosurgery


    Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technologies in Neurosurgery



    The course will take place in Monakow Auditorium, University Hospital Zurich Rämistrasse,100 8091 Zurich, Switzerland


    Meeting Fees


    The registration fee includes all tuition costs and subsistence during the meeting (coffee breaks and lunches). Accommodation is not included.

    A ticket for the YNM's Networking Dinner is sold separately at 55 euro.

    Please contact martina.degregorio@eans.org for any queries.

    March 2020

    YNS Meeting:

    EANS Member

    395 EUR

    March 2020

    YNS Meeting


    495 EUR

    March 2020

    Research Course


    175 EUR

    March 2020

    RC + YNS Meeting

    EANS Member

    550 EUR

    March 2020

    RC + YNS Meeting


    650 EUR



    We are proud to announce that Dr Henry Marsh will give his special talk
    "Things that matter most – retrospect on a neurosurgeon’s career" on 27 March during the EANS 10th Annual Young Neurosurgeons's meeting.

    Dr Marsh is a leading English neurosurgeon and acclaimed author of his memoir
    Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery published in 2014.