EBNS - Exam Committee

The EBNS - Exam Committee

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The European Board of Neurological Surgery (formerly the Joint Examination Committee of the EANS and UEMS), is responsible for running both Part I (written) and Part II (oral) of the European Board Examination in Neurological Surgery. The Chair of the European Board of Neurological Surgery is Peter Whitfield (UK).


  • Alex Alfieri (Switzerland)
  • Moncef Berhouma (France)
  • Pragnesh Bhatt (UK)
  • Melih Bozkurt (Turkey)
  • Alfredo Conti (Germany)
  • Christian Dimitriu (UK)
  • Nima Etminan (Germany)
  • Zeev Feldman (Israel)
  • Daniel Haenggi (Germany)
  • Marcel Ivanov (UK)
  • Vincent Lubrano (France)
  • Ali Nader-Sepahi (UK)
  • Vakis Papanastassiou (Cyprus)
  • Ali Savas (Turkey)
  • David Schul (Israel)
  • Francesco Signorelli (Italy)
  • Zubair Tahir (UK)
  • Parmenion Tsitsopoulos (Greece)
  • Wouter van Furth (The Netherlands)
  • Maria Zetterling (Sweden)

    All new recruits to the Examination Board must have been working at consultant level in Europe for a minimum of 3 years. For applicants who have been awarded FEBNS this must have been at least 3 years prior to commencing as an examiner. If you meet this criteria and are interested to join the panel of examiners, please contact us.