Ethico-legal Committee

The Ethico-legal Committee

Welcome to the Ethico-legal Committee page

The purpose of the Committee is to report on ethico-legal matters affecting neurosurgery and, where appropriate, to produce guidelines or advice on specific issues.

The current Chair of the Ethico-Legal Committee is Ciaran Bolger (Ireland).


  • Daniel Holsgrove (UK)
  • Neil Kitchen (UK)
  • Wouter Moojen (Netherlands)
  • Pierre Robe (Netherlands)
  • Tiit Mathiesen (Sweden)
  • Herbert Kolenda (Germany)
  • Jan Verlooy (Belgium)
  • Naci Balak (Turkey)
  • Jannick Brennum (Denmark)
  • Zeev Feldman (Israel)
  • Martin Sames (Czech Republic)
  • Juan Barcia (Spain)
  • Karl Schaller (Switzerland)
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