Silvia Hernandez-Duran -Bio

Silvia Hernandez-Duran - Bio

Silvia Hernandez-Duran

Task Force: Diversity in European Neurosurgery

Silvia Hernández was born and raised in Costa Rica, where she obtained her medical degree from the University of Costa Rica. While completing her studies in medicine, she also worked as a medical translator to finance observerships and research fellowships in the United States. During her last year of medical school, she completed an internship in cerebrovascular neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she gained exposure to state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures. After graduating, she successfully pursued further clinical and research fellowships in both oncological and vascular neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Miami. Back in her home country, she worked as an ad honorem neuroanatomy instructor at her alma mater, and volunteered as a general doctor for the homeless

Currently, she is completing her residency training in neurosurgery at the Göttingen University Hospital in Germany. During her short career, she has authored numerous publications and book chapters; she has also received the Familie Mehdorn Stiftung Award for clinical research, as well as the Women in Neurosurgery Greg Wilkins-Barrick Chair Visiting International Surgeon Award. Presently, Silvia Hernández is the youngest office holder of the EANS, and she is committed to advancing diversity in European neurosurgery.

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