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Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury are diseases of increasing global importance, and form a large part of the work load for most neurosurgeons. The work and focus of the Trauma & Critical Care section covers the broad range of neurotrauma from the “mild” injuries such as sports-related concussions and chronic subdural hematomas, to the most severe traumatic brain injuries, neurocritical care and spinal cord injury. The goal of the Trauma Section is to actively generate interest for neurotraumatology and neurotrauma critical care, and to promote collaboration, research and exchange between our interested members and colleagues. Since 2018, annual EANS Trauma & Critical Care Update meetings are hosted, starting with the 1st EANS meeting that was held in Lund, Sweden, during the traditional St. Lucia celebration. The 2nd EANS Trauma & Critical Care Update meeting will be held in beautiful Messina, Sicily on October 3-4, 2019 This not-to-be missed event, merged with the Pannonian Symposium, will cover numerous important aspects of neurotrauma including a large contributions from the WFNS Neurotrauma committee.

Other important roles for the section includes actively participating in the EANS training courses- recently in Belgrade, Serbia in May, 2018 and in Brno in Czech Republic, September, 2019 and refining its trauma program. There are important learning objectives for trauma on each day of the course, across a range of topics.

The section Trauma & Critical Care has an advisory role in drafting the program for EANS meetings, and aims to stimulate involvement of younger researchers. The Dublin, EANS meeting (September 24-28, 2019) will include excellent oral presentations, and presentation of novel research in abstracts, Masterclass sessions and a sports injury session are included in the program.

The Section produces regular EANS Trauma & Critical Care Newslettesr, the 3rd is on its way and so is the 1st webinar. The readers will find us on Facebook ( and twitter (, accounts that were started on behalf of the EANS, of course with huge help from the younger “prospect” section members (see below).

Within and outside of the section, there are several ongoing collaborations in the neurotrauma field, and initial CENTER-TBI results will be presented at the Dublin meeting.


The Section chair (Niklas Marklund, Lund, Sweden) was elected at the EANS meeting in Venice in October 2017. The Section currently consists of the following neurotraumatologists

  • Niklas Marklund, Lund, Sweden
  • Antonio Belli, Birmingham, UK
  • Andreas Unterberg, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Alfonso Lagares, Madrid, Spain
  • Andras Buki, Pecs, Hungary
  • Peter Hutchinson, Cambridge, UK
  • Parmenion P. Tsitsopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Alexander Potapov, Moscow, Russia
  • Aurelia Peraud, Ulm, Germany
  • Wilco Peul, Leiden, Holland
  • Honorary member: Former Section Chair Andrew Maas, Antwerp, Belgium

The Section Chair decided to form a group- a “prospect” Section- of young, talented and neurotrauma-interested colleagues that are likely to become the future leaders of European neurotrauma. This team is currently

  • Elham Rostami, Uppsala, Sweden (chair).
  • Teemu Luoto, Tampere, Finland,
  • Nicole Terpolilli, Munich, Germany.
  • Yaroslav Latyshev, Burdenko, Moscow
  • Krisztian Tanczos, Szeged, Hungary
  • Ciaran Hill, Cambridge, UK
  • Ana María Castaño León, Madrid, Spain
  • Ifti Hossain, Cambridge, UK

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