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Chair: Andreas Raabe (Bern)

Andreas Gruber (Linz)
Mika Niemelä (Helsinki)
Alberto Pasqualin (Verona)
Peter Vajkoczy (Berlin)
Bart van der Zwan (Utrecht)

Committee members

David Bervini (Bern)
Jeroen Boogaarts (Nijmegen)
Marco Cenzato (Milano)
Nils Hecht (Berlin)
Giuseppe Lanzino (Rochester)
Bernhard Meyer (Munich)
Simone Peschillo (Catania)
Luca Regli (Zürich)
Veit Rohde (Göttingen)


Our mission is to take responsibility and support neurosurgeons that are involved in the management of neurovascular diseases in Europe, and to offer advisory function for associated societies in issues on the therapy of neurovascular diseases. In order to achieve this, we aim at:

  • advancing European-wide patient care, research, and education in the area of neurovascular diseases of the brain and spine
  • strengthening the political position of European neurovascular surgery
  • promoting awareness for neurosurgeons of opportunities for clinical practice and research in the area of neurovascular surgery



  1. Course Committee (Luca Regli, Alberto Pasqualin)

The Course Committee has the task to coordinate the organization of learning events, with the aim to maintain and improve training activities in the field of neurovascular surgery. It includes to organize courses, contact persons to organize courses, get courses under the auspices of the EANS vascular section, to check the program and to give the label of neurovascular EANS course, and to contact and send prominent speakers abroad for meetings, if requested. Educational activities include the following activities to be organizes within this term

  • organize courses with cerebrovascular topics
  • identify basic and advanced courses that should run under the auspices of the EANS
  • organize a complication course, where participants can discuss morbidity and mortality of their cases with experts
  • identify models or phantoms for a better training of future neurovascular specialists and organize courses



  1. Online education committee (Andreas Raabe, Jürgen Beck, David Bervini, Veit Rohde, Peter Vajkoczy, Bernhard Meyer, Marco Cenzato, Giuseppe Lanzino)

The committee will establish an online resource of landmark papers, a collection of enhanced landmark papers with highlighted parts and expert discussion, and a cerebrovascular paper radar for selected new articles. The aim of this committee is to provide the cerebrovascular surgeon with fact knowledge and comments to better understand and interpret the findings in these articles, and to reduce the “conclusion bias” of some articles.


  1. Congress committee (Andreas Gruber, Mika Niemelä)

The committee has the task to organize the CVS section meeting and the program of the EANS annual meeting, if requested. As with any other committee, it is open to set up specific congress committees and to include other active members for a specific task.


  1. Trials Committee (Andreas Raabe, Jürgen Beck)

The Trials Committee has the task to identify ongoing trials in Europe and worldwide, to facilitate access of interested centers to clinical and experimental research activities and coordinate trial initiatives in the field of Neurovascular Surgery, as well as to organize a platform for open discussion of results and ideas of future studies or registries.


  1. Publication Committee (Bart van der Zwan, Peter Vajkoczy)

Together with the board and the committees, it is responsible for identifying topics where scientific or political comments are helpful or required that clarify the position of experts in the field and to invite prominent authors for writing a comment or statement together with the section and the publication committee.


  1. ESMINT & UEMS Liaison Committee (Andreas Gruber, Jeroen Boogaarts)

The task is to present the EANS vascular section in the extended ESMINT board and our voice in the discussion with the endovascular society. The activities of this committee include ideas and concepts for implementing training activities in the neurovascular field and to translate the “UEMS standards of European training requirements in interventional neuroradiology” into action.


  1. International Liaison Committee (Mika Niemelä, Andreas Raabe)

This committee is interacting with the AANS/CNS CV section and other international societies on demand.


  1. European Neuro Liaison Committee (Peter Vajkoczy, Jeroen Boogaarts, Simone Peschillo)

The task of this Committee is to establish and foster strategic and scientific coalitions with European Societies that are active in the field of neurovascular medicine. The vision is to establish an interdisciplinary neurovascular platform that will give our members and society scientific and political access to the wide range of neurovascular medicine.


  1. Newsletter Committee (Nils Hecht, Peter Vajkoczy)

The aim of this committee is to provide the CVS newsletter content, which is published twice a year. The aim is to report about upcoming events, report from the section meeting, to present case discussion, journal club recommendations, book reviews, fellowship vacancies, fellowship reports and more.

  • Advancing European-wide patient care, research, and education in the area of NV diseases of the brain and spine.
  • Strengthening the political position of European NV Surgery
  • Promoting awareness for neurosurgeons of opportunities for clinical practice and research in the area of NV surgery



Winter 2019
In the fourth issue, the Frankfurt group describes the benefits and pitfalls of rapid ventricular pacing for treatment of complex aneurysms in Technological Developments and Featured Cases. The Journal Club discusses the association between antithrombotic therapy and intracranial hemorrhage from cerebral cavernous malformations, published by the Scottish Audit of Intracranial Vascular Malformations in Lancet Neurology. In the Interview, Christopher Kellner from Mount Sinai addresses the hot topic of minimally-invasive surgery for evacuation of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage and how the recent results of MISTIE III could influence decision making on spontaneous ICH.

Winter 2018
The third issue of the Vascular Section Newsletter provides an educational report from participants and organizers of the first EANS Microvascular HandsOn course in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Also, the Neurovascular Discussion group of the EANS is launched on MedShr with two Case Vignettes. In the interview, Michael Lawton discusses how the spectrum of neurovascular diseases and the requirements for vascular neurosurgeons has evolved over the past decades with advice for residents seeking a future career in vascular neurosurgery.

Summer 2018
In Technological Developments and Featured Cases of the second issue, the Geneva group provides insight into their setup and workflow of augmented reality during neurovascular procedures. The Journal Club focusses on the risk of stroke after stenting or endarteriectomy for symptomatic carotid stenosis. In the Interview, dual-trained hybrid neurosurgeon Joost de Vries comments on the European perspective and opportunity for future hybrid Neurosurgeons and their training.

Winter 2017
This first issue of the EANS Vascular Section Newsletter focuses on hybrid neurovascular surgery as a Featured Case. In the Interview, dual-trained hybrid neurosurgeon Clemens Schirmer from the United States addresses the need to train future hybrid neurosurgeons and the split between endovascular and open surgical work. In Technological Developments, Jan-Karl Burkhard comments on the benefits and pitfalls of WEB devices. The Journal Club discusses validation of the AVM hemorrhage score and Clipping versus Coiling of unruptured cerebral aneurysms.

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