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EANS Section of Vascular Neurosurgery

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  1. Education Committee (L. Regli/F. Proust)

The Education Committee has the task to coordinate the organization of meeting and learning events, with the aim maintain and improve training activities in the field of Neurovascular Surgery.


  1. Trials Committee (A. Raabe)

The Trials Committee has the task to identify ongoing trials in Europe, facilitate access of interested centers to clinical and experimental research activities and coordinate trial initiatives in the field of Neurovascular Surgery.


  1. Publication Committee (B. van der Zwan)

Responsible for joint publications and statements


  1. ESMINT Liaison Committee (A. Gruber)

Part of the extended ESMINT board and our voice in the discussion with the endovascular society


  1. International Liaison Committee (M. Niemela)

Interacting with the AANS/CNS CV section and other international societies on demand

  1. European Neuro Liaison Committee (P. Vajkoczy)

The task of this Committee is to establish and foster strategic and scientific coalitions with European Societies that are active in the field of Neurovascular Medicine. The vision is to establish an interdisciplinary Neurovascular Platform that will give our members and society scientific and political access to the wide range of Neurovascular Medicine.

  1. UAMS Liaison Committee (Alexis Andreou)

The aim of the UAMS liaison is to represent the section in questions regarding training and accreditation

  1. Newsletter Committee (Drs Hecht, Germano, Burkhardt, Vajkoczy)


Our Missions/Vision


Our is vision is that the European NVS will support the development and improvement of management of NV diseases.

Take an associative responsibility for neurosurgeons involved in NV diseases for Europe.

Offer advisory function for associated societies in issues on the therapy of NV diseases.


In order to achieve this we aim at:


  • Advancing European-wide patient care, research, and education in the area of NV diseases of the brain and spine.
  • Strengthening the political position of European NV Surgery
  • Promoting awareness for neurosurgeons of opportunities for clinical practice and research in the area of NV surgery


Political Links



Goals for Training/Education 

  • Vascular European Curriculum
  • Concept for CME (Advanced postgraduate courses, Practical Courses)
  • Fellowships
  • Concept for endovascular and microsurgical training
  • Vascular Day during EANS Annual Meeting
  • Joint Meeting with endovascular society (ESMINT)
  • EANS Training Couse – Vascular
  • Visiting Professor Program



  • Centralization of neurovascular care (e.g. neurovascular interdisciplinary centers)



  • Registries for vascular activities (Giant Ay, familial Ays, etc)
  • Multicenter studies
  • Lab Rotations (scholarships)


PR/joint publications

  • Position statement (COSS, BRAT)

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