History & Constitution

History & Constitution

The Structure of the EANS

The EANS is comprised of its legislative body, the Annual General Meeting, which is responsible for determining policy and activities of the Association, and the Board of Officers. The AGM consists of representatives from national member societies and individual members. Each EANS member country can be represented by two delegates. There are currently 40 representatives of the individual membership. The nine voting members of the Board of officers also have a voting right in the Annual General Meetings.

The AGM takes place at least annually - during our Congress - and further extraordinary meetings of the AGM can be called. The AGMs are open to all EANS members, but only the representatives specified above have the voting rights.

The Board of Officers (Board) of the EANS implements the decisions taken by the AGM; if the AGM is the "Parliament" of the EANS, the Board of Officers can be considered as its "cabinet". The Board meets at least once a year, during the EANS Congress, and often more frequently.

Officers are elected for a term of 2 years, which runs from one Congress to the next. The future President and Chair of the Training Committee are elected in the AGM two years before their term begins. All other officers are elected at the General Meeting which takes place during the Congress. You can view our structure in the format of an organogram. The EANS is constituted in Belgium and its constitution has been filed in Gent, Belgium.

In addition, much of the work of the EANS is carried out by its Committees, and the Association also employs seven professional salaried members of staff, who are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.

The official journal of the EANS is The European Journal of Neurosurgery: Acta Neurochirurgica.


AGM 2017

The EANS General Meeting took place on 4th October 2017, during the EANS2017 in Venice, Italy. Please click here for the minutes and here for the Financial Report presented during the meeting.


The EANS was founded in 1971 and has grown from 18 member societies into the driving force it is today.

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Our Board of Officers

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Document Archive

Here you can view past meeting minutes and financial reports.