Sections of the EANS

Our Sections

The EANS currently has nine sections focusing on the interests of their sub specialty within the EANS: Arranging meetings, webinars, advising on the scientific programmes of EANS courses, strengthening and promoting collaboration within their field.

Each section is comprised of a Section Panel, and individual members who have joined the section.


The EANS section concerned with all aspects of functional neurosurgery

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The section devoted to neurosurgical oncology

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The Section for Radiosurgery discussion and exploration

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The section representing Pediatric Neurosurgery within the EANS

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The Section concerned with spinal neurosurgery

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The Section devoted to head injury, critical care and trauma

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The Section occupied with all aspects of Vascular neurosurgery

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Peripheral Nerve

The Section established to discuss peripheral nerve surgery

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Skull Base

The Section devoted to Skull Base Surgery for the EANS

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