European Board of Neurological Surgery

The European Board of Neurological Surgery (formerly the Joint Examination Committee of the EANS and UEMS), is responsible for running both Part I (written) and Part II (oral) of the European Board Examination in Neurological Surgery.

 The Chair of the European Board of Neurological Surgery is Peter Whitfield (UK).


Alex Alfieri (Switzerland)
Moncef Berhouma (France)
Pragnesh Bhatt (UK)
Melih Bozkurt (Turkey)
Mike Carter (UK)
Alfredo Conti (Germany)
Christian Dimitriu (UK)
Nima Etminan (Germany)
Zeev Feldman (Israel)
Daniel Haenggi (Germany)
Marcel Ivanov (UK)
Vincent Lubrano (France)
Ali Nader-Sepahi (UK)
Vakis Papanastassiou (Cyprus)
Ali Savas (Turkey)
David Schul (Israel)
Francesco Signorelli (Italy)
Zubair Tahir (UK)
Parmenion Tsitsopoulos (Greece)
Wouter van Furth (The Netherlands)
Maria Zetterling (Sweden)


All new recruits to the Examination Board must have been working at consultant level in Europe for a minimum of 3 years. For applicants who have been awarded FEBNS this must have been at least 3 years prior to commencing as an examiner. If you meet this criteria and are interested to join the panel of examiners, please contact