EANS Academy


Due to security issues with remote login, the login process for the Academy has been changed (4 November 2017).


1. set an EANS Academy Password (of your choice) at https://eans.multiregistration.com/login/reset_password

2. Go to: https://academy.eans.org/eans

3. At 'EANS Academy Username': enter your email address (the one you use to log into the 'Members' Area') of eans.org

4. Enter the password created in Step 1

5. After that please log in either using the button below or directly at www.academy.eans.org. Should you forget your password please follow Step 1 again.


Please note that as of 1st March 2018 the apps 'Talks on the Go' and 'Posters on the Go' will no longer be available due to changes in Apple's app structures and requirements. All material is still available on the Academy portal.