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NeuroMind is the #1 app for neurosurgery in the world, available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8.

NeuroMind offers interactive clinical decision support and more than 120 clinical classification and grading systems. The app is officially supported by the EANS and Surgical Neurology International. You can find more information about NeuroMind on, and the latest developments can be followed on the blog.

NeuroMind has been downloaded more than 300,000 times all over the world. The app was developed by Pieter Kubben, an EANS individual member and a senior resident in neurosurgery from the Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands. He explains the underlying philosophy of the app in this TEDx talk.

Version 3.0 is now available (December 2015) as a free download for iOS. New interactive content is made available as In App Purchases as an incentive to continue development.

Version 2.5 is available as a free download for Android. Content is webbased for easy and more frequent updates in future.